Here Goes Nothing!

Hi! My name is Brittany. You might know me better as BabyBNYC. Or maybe you ended up here because you google searched “Baby” and this page was the first to pop up, because I paid 1 million dollars for my blog to appear first. JK. If I had a million dollars to give Google, I’d be doing something a lot more important than this. Like a spontaneous girls trip to Mexico with the Kardashians, who would be my best friends most likely.

I’m kicking myself because I’’m wishing I had started this blogging thing when I was a BRAND new Mom (my bad ass baby, Teddy is now a year old), So much happens in those early weeks and months and I’m hoping I can still remember it all, and be even remotely helpful to Moms who are at that phase.. But honestly, months 1-12 were wildly busy for me. I was figuring out what to do about my job, moving across the country, trying to prevent my infant from repeatedly defecating on my face, watching seasons 1-5 of Gilmore Girls. It was EXHAUSTING.

I decided to start this blog mainly because I have written countless emails and texts with recommendations or advice to new and expecting Mom-friends over the last few months….and honestly, this is a much more efficient efficient way for me to dish it out.

I’m also starting this blog because of the feedback I’m frequently given on my Instagram account (@babybnyc – more on why that’s not my blog name later). Enough people have DM’d me (or cornered me drunk at weddings) over the years telling me how much they enjoy my Insta stories, my “real-ness” and general zero shits giving self that I figured I’d give it a shot.

So I am here now, giving this a go. Maybe no one will care, and that’s ok. I didn’t make Teddy a baby book, so this could just be like a really weird, sad electronic baby book for him one day.

One caveat – I’ve never really read any other blogs, mommy or otherwise, in my life. So I might be doing this VERY wrong. Apologies in advance. But then again if you’re looking for a blog called like “Diaper Rash and Diamonds” where I show you daily photos of my baby dressed in couture onsies sitting on my pristine white couch with my arm dangling a cup of expresso with a heart drawn with milk in the foreground, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

FINAL caveat – all opinions are my own (trust me, I have PLENTY of them) and no one is paying or begging me to talk about their products. Honestly I wish that was an issue you should be concerned about, but it’s really not.

And we’re off…..

LYLAB, my friends! Love You Like A Blogger

You could be sleeping through the night
next week.