Frequently Asked Questions


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How early can I start sleep guidance?

Great sleep foundations can be built from day one! In terms of formal sleep guidance plans, where you can expect to have your baby sleeping through the night, I begin offering this service at 10 weeks. You can learn more about that process here.

For expectant parents and newborns up to 9 weeks, I offer unique packages to help establish a great sleep foundation, which you can learn more about here.

Can you help us with naps as well as nights?

Absolutely! My services touch and make improvements to every aspect of your child’s life – their night sleep, their daytime sleep, their feeding, their behavior, and so much more!

My baby has reflux. Can I still start sleep guidance?

Feeding challenges generally do not prevent babies from becoming great sleepers, and a large percentage of my baby clients come to me with one feeding challenge or another, be it reflux, feeding or bottle aversion, or other gastrointestinal issues. Typically, when sleep improves, feeding improves alongside it. If you have concerns about your child’s medical conditions, please be sure to speak with your pediatrician before beginning this process.

My child is extremely strong-willed. Do you think you can still help?

As I love to say – if they’re smart enough to test your boundaries, they’re smart enough to adapt to a new structure! Many, if not most, of my toddler and preschooler clients are smart, strong-willed, and precocious. Part of my process is focused on understanding their temperaments and what makes them tick, so we can craft the perfect plan for them.

Can you help my baby AND my toddler? Both of them are having sleep issues.

Siblings are a huge part of my business! You can learn more about my siblings services here.

Do you do Gentle Sleep Training? Do you do Cry It Out?

These are not terms I use. If you have arrived here, and are looking for ways to improve your child’s sleep, I can already say with confidence that you, like me, love your child with every fiber of your being. Sending parents the message that certain methods of sleep guidance are more “gentle” than others is something I find very anxiety-provoking for already anxious Moms and Dads! It’s also very misleading. More gradual approaches typically involve much MORE crying over a long period of time than faster methods. Every plan I make is made with a foundation of love and attachment and with a deep understanding of your particular family’s needs.

I’m really nervous about crying…….

I will be totally honest with you (now and always!) – I get it! Listening to your child cry is really hard, I’ve been there! That being said, there is no such thing as sleep guidance without crying. Anyone who tells you differently is being disingenuous. Babies cry for many reasons. It’s their only means of communication, and their only way to protest change. Some tears are inevitable, but also manageable! Part of what makes the one on one support I offer so invaluable to parents, especially nervous ones, is that I am here for you anytime to answer questions and offer the advice and encouragement you need when you’re second guessing yourself!

What if it doesn’t work?

Think of me like your personal trainer. If your trainer gave you the perfect workout and the perfect meal plan, but you went home and ate a bunch of donuts every night…..that scale isn’t going to budge, is it? The same can be said for sleep. I spend a significant amount of time getting to know each child and family, and creating a plan that I know will work for them. At the end of the day, however, it’s up to you to do the hard work (with me alongside encouraging you!) My clients believe in the process, and believe in me. Thus, I have a nearly 100% success rate. Given the highly personal nature of my business, I do not offer refunds….though no one has ever asked for one!